Ashley Benson tried to be funny and it shockingly didn’t work

Ashley Benson aka the third most relevant person to emerge from the PLL franchise went Halloween shopping, and it did not go well. And by that I mean it was a fucking public relations nightmare. Seriously, her manager is probably taking away her Instagram privileges as you read this.

Homegirl decided to try on a sexy lioness costume, which like tbh wasn’t even that hot, and Instagrammed it. If any of her friends had been with her, they would’ve told her to put that back and recycle her Tinder profile costume. She already broke one of the Instagram Commandments – don’t fucking post a photo of your Halloween costume before Halloween. The only thing worse than that is posting multiple photos of your baby learning to walk.

In her infinite, B-list Teen Star knowledge she decided to caption it The Cecil the Lion Costume. Shots fucking fired. Like go as a sexy Kim Davis – nearly impossible – but it’s way too soon to joke about Cecil. And thats just like the rule of feminism. So Allison, why don’t you act like any of the parents on PLL and randomly disappear for a while.

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