Calvin Harris And Kim Kardashian Are Besties Now, Suck On That, Taylor

What a time to be alive for Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris. First, he escapes the reigns of Satan herself, only to be thrown under the bus by with that whole “This is What You Came For” co-writing credit BS. Then, he’s bombarded with pics of a patriotic Satan and her thirst trap of a boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, celebrating America together. Disturbing.

Now, however, Calvin’s getting the last laugh. Over the weekend, the DJ attended Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party with none other than Taylor Swift’s murderer, Kim Kardashian.

#vegasnights happy bday @jlo #southbronx @kimkardashian #turnuptime #mc4

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The two aren’t like, fucking each other in the picture or anything like that, but let’s make this clear. Now that DJ Calvin Harris has rubbed shoulders with thine enemy, there will be no going back. No return to greener, pre-Snapchat story pastures. Clearly, Taylor Swift is dead to DJ Calvin Harris.

The only thing left for Kimmy to do? Take on the squad.

We’ll be waiting.

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