The SAG Awards: The Hot, The Sad, And The Fugly Makeup and Hair

Awards season is well underway, which means that we get to judge the appearance of our most beloved/hated celebrities more frequently. Case in point, Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Another meaningless ceremony where everyone showed up hungry and pretended to care about diversity in Hollywood. Here’s everything you need to know about what people looked like, because that’s what we’re all here for anyway.


1. Saoirse Ronan

Please, let us take a moment to appreciate this messy bun. On top of that, Saoirse’s makeup was simplistic, naturalistic, minimalistic, and all together perfection.

2. Kiernan Shipka

With her thick eyebrows, thin arms, barely there makeup, and tousled locks, Kiernan can go fuck herself. (JK. But not really.)

3. Laverne Cox

Living/breathing for Laverne’s old school glamour.

4. Eva Longoria

Still fucking killin’ it. Suck on that dick, Teri Hatcher.


1. Lonely Leo & His Vape

Where was *insert literally any Victoria Secret model under the age of 23 with a BMI of less than 4*??? If he didn’t end up winning that night, I would be actively trying to 51/50 him.


1. Kaley Cuoco

The unblended smokey eye, the lazy top knot. It was too fucking much for my OCD (my rage black outs were not a fan either).

2. Anna Chlumsky

I feel personally offended by these baby hairs, Anna Chlumsky.


Is it just me, or did Ellen DeGeneres look weird?

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