Three young students have been brutally killed by the West Bengal Police for protesting against the appointment of Urdu teachers at their school and our national media is visibly silent on this grave matter.

***What exactly happened in Danrivit, Islampur in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal?

There has been a scarcity of teachers at Danrivit High School for a long time. The school immediately requires at least 18 teachers for different subjects including English, Bengali, Geography, Mathematics and Science subjects. Instead of appointing the teachers in the required posts, two Urdu teachers and one Sanskrit teacher have recently been appointed.

And that’s where the question arises. The school is in a Hindu locality and there are no Urdu speaking Muslims in Islampur. The school has never required Urdu teachers. Still Urdu teachers have been appointed, not one but two. This imposition of Urdu parallel to Sanskrit is a new trend being set by the state Government and a huge number of Urdu and Arabic teachers are being appointed through the recently held West Bengal School Service Comission’s SLST examinations. Surely, it is a well planned step taken by the state Government to please the Muslim community, to provide jobs to some youths from the community in posts that are not even required.

Now the students became agitated when they saw that instead of appointing teachers in the required posts, Urdu teachers had been appointed. They protested against it and did not let the newly appointed teachers enter the school. DI, Uttar Dinajpur later visited the school and said that the Urdu teachers would be given appointment in some other school.

But on , 20th September, 2018, a huge police force came with the Urdu teachers. Immediately the students of the school gathered near the gate and did not let the police escort the teachers into the school. The police did lathi charge, and pushed the agitating students out of the school. The students started fighting profusely and the locals got involved. Ex students of the school also came in support of the protesting students. And the local villagers got involved too. Police fired tear gas shells and shot bullets(though the police claimed that they were firing rubber bullets) and several people got injured including 6 students, 4 villagers, and 3 police and civic personnel. 3 of the injured students later succumbed to their injuries. Both of them were ex-students of the school. One of them is Rajesh Sarkar, brother of a girl student of the school who went to save his sister when she was being brutally beaten by the police. He was shot point blank.

What is shocking is the attitude of the state government. The Education Minister Shri Partha Chatterjee said he had no idea about Urdu teachers were being appointed there and promptly took action to get the DI, Uttar Dinajpur, suspended. Chief Minister Smt Mamata Banerjee said she did not know about the police action.

However, she was prompt enough to accuse the RSS and the BJP for inciting violence. She said this protest was staged and that the protesting people were actually some Biharis brought by the BJP from the neighbouring state to create problem. Shri Partha Chatterjee joined her in the chorus.

She is putting the blame on others without spending a single word on the incompetence of her government and the mismanagement that the authorities had showed. If You see the videos circulating on the internet, you will clearly see that most of the people protesting out there were actually young school students(boys and girls) in school uniform.

And the media? Two young students have been killed brutally, and the national media is visibly silent on this. Why? Are they fearing that this incident may act in favour of the BJP?

I am literally disturbed and alarmed to see that most of the so called powerful and genuine media houses didn’t spend a single sentence on this incident. And I am also pained to see how drastically Smt Mamata Banerjee has changed in the last seven years. She came to power in West Bengal by relentlessly protesting against the tyranny of the then CPM government, and now she herself is showing the same attitude the CPM had once showed.

She came to power protesting against the shooting by the then state government on farmers at Nandigram, and her police is now doing the same. She came to power protesting against immigrants, and now she is favouring them. She was against appeasement politics(so she used to say) and now she is doing the same at the cost of even the lives of student .

As of now, the villagers with the consent of the family members of the deceased students have decided not to cremate the bodies and they are demanding for CBI enquiry. Mamata Govt is complete ignoring this and is blaming the BJP and the RSS for this, though all the villagers approached by the media said in one voice they were protesting on their own.

And I know what Smt Mamata Banerjee will do now. As always, she will soon announce that each of the families of the deceased will be provided with a compensation of Rs. 5/10 lacs, and job for one of the family members. That’s what she always does. That’s what she did when poll officer Rajkumar Roy was murdered. So far, no one has been arrested in that case.

Post written by @Devendra Jha

Video by Prasanna D Mudubage

Pics in comments section also by Prasanna D Mudubage


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