Flask disguised as an iPhone makes alcoholism that much easier

Plain old flasks are so pass and risky. Everyone knows you’re boozing up if you reach into your breast pocket for an old-fashioned metal container. So we’re here to upgrade your down-low drinking with the iFlask.

The iFlask is exactly what it sounds like: a flask disguised as an iPhone. Everyone’s taking their phones out every 15 seconds nowadays, supposedly to “reply to a work email” or “check in on the kids.” But with the inconspicuousness of the iFlask, you’ll be spiking your ginger ale with a little something extraand no one will be the wiser.

Originally $30, you can get the iFlask for $15.99 at DesignTaxi until the end of Friday. It holds up to 5 oz. of your favorite booze and also has a built-in bottle opener. Forget burner phones, it’s all about the flask phones.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift or deciding to treat yourself for Hanukkah, the iFlask will help you on your way to a drunken holiday. And if you’re looking for other secret flasks, you can always hide your vodka inside a retro video game.

H/T Design Taxi

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