Novelist Claims Melania Trump Has Been Having An Affair With Head Of Security At Tiffany’s In Trump Tower For YEARS! Read The Bombshell Accusations!

We’ve been waiting for this cup of tea to arrive!!!!

To those who have been closely watching, it’s no big secret that Melania Trump is perhaps the most miserable person in America.

FLOTUS has been seen slapping away Donald Trump‘s hand grabs, secretly liking anti-Trump tweets, and not-so-convincingly feigning happiness at every public event since the start of her husband’s campaign.

Not that we blame her, of course — but one novelist is making BOMBSHELL accusations that could shed some light on just how dire the First Couple’s relationship is!

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On Tuesday, Monica Byrne shared a string of tweets claiming Melania was having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s in the Trump Tower lobby for “many years” — and Donny allegedly knows all about it!


Byrne, who does not name her source, shared the accusations in hopes of journalists exposing the alleged affair to “accelerate [Trump’s] rate of self-destruction.”

In her tweets, the author claimed Donald and Melania had an agreement that if he lost the election, they would get divorced. But since he won, the two were forced to renegotiate the agreement — imprisoning the 47-year-old in the marriage as long as her husband was president.

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We’re sure the Trump camp will write this off as nothing more than fake news, but Byrne makes it clear this is merely hearsay for reporters to investigate further.

It also explain why the First Lady looks so miserable and wants to stay in New York. Hmmm….

What do U think of these allegations? Read Byrne’s explosive claims (below)!


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