FBI Ends Review Of Newly Discovered Hillary Clinton Emails By Clearing Her Of Any Wrongdoing!

Good to see intelligence and common sense taking over at the FBI!

According to reports breaking on Sunday afternoon, James Comey has sent a letter to Congress again today, with the FBI Director informing them that the new review of more

In other words, as expected, Clinton is in the clear!

Can we FINALLY move on to the election now, as opposed to investigating and re-investigating things about which we already know?!

This comes after a year-long investigation that first culminated in July — with the FBI saying then that it’d be wrong to charge Clinton in her private server case — and then was reopened late last month when more emails were discovered.

But those emails are now considered unimportant, which means the FBI has discovered they do NOT contain classified material, and Clinton is once again free of this bizarre situation.


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Donald Trump just held a rally in Minnesota, but didn’t speak about this breaking news at all. It’s possible, considering how recently it broke, that he just wasn’t yet aware of Comey’s new letter to Congress.

Regardless, we’ll have more from him if (and when) he reacts to this news.

Two more days until the election… two more days… we got a November surprise, with this story, but at least we’re almost there!!

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